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RS Barcelona FoosBall

Straight from the heart of Barcelona comes this Elegant and multi-functional product line. RS Barcelona, Known for Foosball and Ping Pong tables, have opened a concept store. This has allowed them to explore a multitude of concepts for varying products, with 2 things in mind. Design & #Playful365. What's #playful365? Well if you ask RS... 

"#stayplayful365 is the attitude with which we start each day and look to the future.

It's about reactivating your spontaneity and curiosity that are concealed under layers of seriousness and formality. 

It's about exploring a city that starts with same letter as your name; walking without stepping on the lines; learning to knit a scarf; spinning around in your work chair with your eyes closed; preparing an urban picnic on your balcony. And, of course, playing."

We couldn't agree more and that's why we're happy to be supporting such upbeat attitudes and fun products with our RS Barcelona foosball tables for sale.

Check out More of what RS Barcelona has to offer from pool tables, to dining, shelving and ping pong!