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Guide to Buying a Pool Table: What You Need to Know

Guide to Buying a Pool Table: What You Need to Know

Oct 19th 2022

Introduction: Pool is a game played over a table using cues and colorful hard balls. What makes pool different from billiards? There is a common confusion of both terms assuming the games are similar. Pool is often played on a table having six pockets, 8 object balls, and an extra cue ball. On the other hand, billiards is played on a pocketless table with 3 balls. One red, white ball with a spot, and a white ball without a spot.

After recognizing these basic differences between pool and snooker, we know American and English pools differ on several parameters. But these factors apply to any pool table buying guide.

Things to Remember While Buying a Pool Table

Pool Table Size and Available Space

American pool size tables tend to come in sizes from 8-9 feet in length & 4.5 feet in width. There long cue used in play & space needed for aiming & player movements shall determine the kind of pool table to buy. You have to put pool size table relative to the available space you intend to place it and play. Whether in your backyard or indoors, sufficient space is a factor to consider while deciding on the best table that fits your space.

Slate & Frame

While evaluating the quality of a pool table to buy, remember that a good slate needs a strong & solid frame. A high-quality slate needs a strong, sturdy, and durable frame to support it. That is why buy a pool table with an enduring solid hardwood frame that makes it a lifetime investment.

A high-quality pool will usually last for an extended period estimated at 20 years and beyond. Usually, standard frames for 3/4'’ slate adapt two crossbeams,

Pool Table

Pool Table Cloth/Felt, Cushions & Rails

Pool tables are made with distinctive attention to detail & with professional finesses to enhance the playing experience. The table surfaces are usually covered in multiple colors of cloth that again ensure easy play & glide of the ball over the table surface. Wool is a predominant felt in addition to using nylon and polyester to enhance elasticity and longevity.

Besides, the cushions and rails are an important part of the pool table. Rails are edges to the pool table from which the cushion protrudes to the playing surface. It is the top surface of the table primarily not covered in cloth. They are vital to stop the ball from rolling over in play and handle cues and balls in pool game recesses/breaks.

Pricing and Place to Buy

Pool tables differ in costs, and accessories, as each table has a unique design, frame, additional finishing, and installation costs. Whether bought online or offline, extra costs tied to pool table installation and placement must be considered. Pool tables and game accessories like cues, balls, ball racks, and cue racks may be extra or included in the overall table pricing. Asking questions to clarify is the best way to what you are paying for and at how much.

Summary: a perfect pool table choice is subject to these and more items as you zero in on the best option. Playing basics are covered, and you are sure to arrive at a sound decision based on game facts. 

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