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What pro players are using for cues and pool tables explained

What pro players are using for cues and pool tables explained

Oct 19th 2022


pool is a game with several interesting aspects, play rules, accessories, guidelines, and arenas that players and enthusiasts must explore with precision and exactness. One of those areas is the pool cues and pool tables used by professional players.

Pool Cue Aspects that Professional Players Adapt in their Games

Professionals ensure the use of standard cues that add to the style of play, the experience of the game, and the strike of the billiards ball. From the pool cues tip, ferrule, shaft, and butt, unique cue sizes make them stand out from the market's basic or standard cues. Let us visit and navigate the basics.


Professional cue lengths range from the tip to the butt 58’’. The professionals are keen on the hold and styles of play that a standard professional cue will avail. On average American professional pool cues are longer given the extended pool table playing surfaces.


American, European and Australian pool cue weights differ given the differences on the playing surfaces. Whereas American pool cues range between 20-21 ounces, European and Australian cues usually weigh 17-17 ounces.

Professional Cue Tip Dimension

Pool cue tips are vital in striking the ball right and ensuring your shots give you the advantage in a game. Professionals in Europe, Australia, and the USA watch out for cue tip size, hardness, durability, and consistency in delivering powerful shots. These tips across regions start from 11.9mm, 12mm to 13mm, with varying benefits and advantages. American pro pool cue tips range from 12.5mm-135mm.

Professional Pool Cue Build Material

Professional cues, whether in fiberglass, wood, or hybrid, have a resilient construct for longer use and play. American cues are mostly built-in resilient maple wood with larger tips to strike at equally larger balls. However, today there is a widespread use of all cue types in the right sizes and dimensions.

Pool Table Aspects that Professional Players Value



American pool table pockets are known for their straight cuts in extended, bigger sizes. European and Asian pool tables bear characteristic round shapes. The sizes may be due to the pool table surfaces and materials used in the construction.


It is hard to talk about professional pool tables without mentioning slates. Slates will affect the play and outlook of the game in both American and European pool. Professional American pool table slates are always bigger or larger.


Billiards and professional pool balls can only glide seamlessly when the cloth supports smooth play. The cloth felt for professional use is either worsted or woven with blends that facilitate easy ball glide. In European and American cloths, the issue comes down to the table size and preference of cloth chosen.

Play Arena Dimensions

Pool tables need an expansive play area to accord a better experience professionally. The table size compounds American and European pool table rooms or arenas for professionals.


professional players are keen on the cue and table stats that give them the best play experience. Whether it's American or European pool, tables, cues, and balls are determined by the playing surface adopted. And here, the pool game rules get better with adherence to the professional play basics and standards.

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