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Import pool table verse American made Pool Table

Import pool table verse American made Pool Table

Oct 19th 2022

In the Beginning: pool tables are always a point of interest and discussion wherever the pool game is played. In most cases, it is how the pool table plays out in general that presents points of interest, whether the table is locally sourced (American-made) to foreign-made variants from Europe, Asia, Australia, and other pool-fascinated regions.

So, what are the classic differences between American and foreign-made pool tables? Let us see some standout differences and similarities that create classic pointers of differences.

Basic and Major Differences between Local and Foreign Pool Tables

Pool Table Size

Almost everything in the American pool, from the table, balls, cues, and play arenas, is meant for grand play and professional sport. Ranging from 9 feet for professional table sizes and 8 feet for pub, bar, or home pool table sizes. On the other hand, imported pool tables from around the world, especially from UK and Australia, have different size distributions. Whereas American professional pool tables stretch at a massive 9ft (professional), 8 ft (pub), European tables span 7ft (home), 7-8ft (professional)

Pool Table Cloth/Felt

American pool tablecloths are derived from professional play fabrics with wool and nylon or wool and polyester. That gives the pool table the elastic/stretch advantage that smoothly enhances play. Worsted cloth is essentially used for professional uses in professional setups that redefine the style and way of play. European or imported tables tend to have a mixture of fabric that makes balls easily glide over their surfaces in play.

Savannah Pool Table

Pool Table Pockets

American pool tables' grand design and size bring out basic play and skill application tenets. American pool table center and corner pocket, given the grand playing surface stretch between 5-5.125 inches (center pockets) to 4.5-4.625 inches (corner pockets). On the other hand, European and imported pool table pockets range from 3.2-3.4 inches (corner pockets) to 3.2-3.5 (center pockets). The underlying difference is that American pockets are straight-cut, whereas European pockets bear a round cut.

Table Slate

What will impact the pool table's play more is the quality of slate adapted for construction, which is always formidable and sectional in the American pool table. The basic standout feature here is the quality and size adapted in American pool tables that range from 20-28 mm sectional, whereas most imported variants give smaller size ranges between 16 -21mm sectional. That is a vital basic aspect that underlines and marks out the resilience and quality of a pool table.

Cue Sizes

Cues will differ, given the expansive play surface of American tables. Standard American cues stretch up to 12-14 mm tips (plastic feral), while the European cues are 8-12mm tips (brass feral). Each of these cue dimensions presents a different play feel and character.

Billiards Ball Sizes

American billiards balls, too, tend to be bigger by 1/4 - 1/5 up to 2 ¼ -3 inches, while the European billiards retain the standard 2 inches of size.

In the End: there may be a few similarities in play and looks to the pool table, and conduct of the game, yet are there characteristic differences to the playout of a pool table based on these unique characteristics. 

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